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Our strategic partners make up a diverse and complete engineering and design team to address all the needs of     our clients and their projects.

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BEXEL Consulting d.o.o.

BEXEL Consulting is a leading multinational firm specializing in construction project consultancy, distinguished by its innovative software solution: BEXEL Manager, tailored to optimize the entire lifecycle of construction projects through Building Information Modeling (BIM) and comprehensive data management. BEXEL Consulting's services focus on enhancing efficiency and sustainability in construction, collaborating closely with architects, engineers, and developers. BEXEL Manager enables detailed BIM management and cloud-based centralized management, facilitating multidisciplinary collaboration, effective coordination, and informed decision-making. It includes advanced features such as 4D and 5D BIM analysis, integrating time and cost into 3D BIM models, ensuring rigorous quality control and regulatory compliance. BEXEL Consulting transforms project management by providing tools that streamline planning, design, construction, and operations, driving superior outcomes and operational efficiency across clients' projects.

Fine 1-1.png

Fine spol s.r.o.

Fine is a leading company in the development of software for structural and geotechnical analysis, founded in 1991 in the Czech Republic. With over 25 years of experience, Fine operates in more than 120 countries and has a network of over 50 distributors. Recognized for its innovation with products like GEO5, which integrates geological modeling with advanced geotechnical solutions, Fine remains a benchmark in global structural and geotechnical engineering. This is symbolized by its new logo representing its key software products: green for GEO5, blue for frame structural design FIN EC, and yellow for TRUSS4 (Roof Truss Design solution for manufacturers of timber roof trusses with punched metal fasteners).


PlanRadar GmbH

PlanRadar GmbH is the company behind the PlanRadar software platform. It is a technology company based in Vienna, Austria, specializing in developing and providing cloud-based software solutions for the construction and real estate industries. PlanRadar GmbH focuses on improving project management processes by offering tools that facilitate efficient communication, task management, defect tracking, and documentation within construction projects. The company's goal is to help construction professionals streamline their workflows, increase productivity, and enhance project transparency through innovative digital solutions.


Gepic Consultores

Gepic Consultores S.A. de C.V. provides Engineering, Consulting and Project Management services for the design, construction, adaptation, modification, supervision and management of infrastructure works in various sectors such as transportation, water, environment, urban planning and energy. Gepic provides assistance in different specialties in the sectors of rail, road, maritime and air transport, carrying out installation, commissioning and operation of projects: electrical, electromechanical, hydraulic, sanitary, telecommunications, air conditioning, refrigeration, High-speed rail, Rail freight transport, Metro, management of the entire water cycle, electric grid.

estensoro arq.png


ESTENSSORO ARQUITECTOS is an architecture studio made up of an interdisciplinary group of designers that carry out residential, commercial and service projects. The designs of estenssoro+asociados arquitectos always take into account Ecology, Innovation and Functionality, enriching the lives of users on an aesthetic and functional level without neglecting the economy and efficiency of constructions, avoiding waste. The services offered by ESTENSSORO ARQUITECTOS are Architectural design, Construction Management, Project planning, Industrial Design, Structural Calculations, Interior Design, Real Estate, sales promotion.

grupo GEC.png

Grupo GEC

Grupo Geotecnia y Estructuras Consultores S.A. de C.V. brings geotechnical and structural solutions in civil works; as well as quality control of materials and construction processes for the construction industry. GEC Group provides services of Soil Mechanics, Soil Dynamics, Design and structural analysis, Design of containment elements, Analysis and design of foundations, Slope stability analysis, Design and analysis of pavements, Load capacity calculation, pavement management, foundations. Grupo GEC carries out geotechnical and structural studies for the construction area, optimizes structural and foundation systems in the different civil works.

BLAU logo.png

BLAU Proyecto + Construcción

Company dedicated to Electromechanical Installations in Buildings, Urbanization and Communication routes, focused both on the development of Projects, as well as on the Construction and Supervision of Works. Experience in the construction of machine rooms, swimming pools and various services for the hotel industry, construction works, personnel management and delivery of completed works on a large scale in the hotel industry. We have participated in projects of residence facilities, educational centers, restaurants; construction and management of medium and high voltage network projects.

m&l logo.png


M & L CANCUN REAL ESTATE offers a Comprehensive Marketing service to Clients, Local and Foreign Real Estate Developers in Cancun and the Riviera Maya, a destination for investors who wish to diversify their portfolio, providing them Security, Profitability and Capital gain. M & L CANCUN REAL ESTATE links developers with the needs of those who make properties their home. M & L CANCUN REAL ESTATE advises its clients on technical, legal, fiscal and financial aspects, including all the elements involved in a real estate operation, whether for the promotion, sale or rental of the property or in the location and advice on the acquisition of the property itself.

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