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BIM Project Management during Project Life Cycle

project life.png
  • We identify the requirements and the actual needs and propose an optimal solution.

  • We generate alternative preliminary plans and comparative costs for better decision-making.

  • We define objectives in accordance with the vision of developments.

  • We develop the Project Plan (Scope, Time, Cost, Quality, Procurement, Human Resources, and Materials, Risks, Communications).

  • We provide and get designers and engineers.

  • We organize the team of professionals and assign responsibilities.

  • We verify and validate scopes.

  • We monitor the progress of works.

  • We control the Quality, Cost and Schedule.

  • We report performance.

  • We monitor and control risks.

  • We manage supplies' procurement.

  • We conclude with Procurement management.

  • We ensure that the needs and customer requirements are met.

  • We close the Project.

  • We commission the Facilities to the Operation.

  • We manage control during the warranty period.

  • We develop Facilities Management plan.

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